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Workshops to Guide You Step-by-Step Through Planning, Designing, and Building Your Forever Sustainable Home

Eliminate Frustration * Avoid Costly Mistakes* Create a Plan 


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Excited to Start Planning Your Sustainable Home? 

Wondering where to start?

Wether you plan to design and build yourself, or hire professionals, there are hundreds of decisions to make. And any one of them could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, valuable time, and a lot of unnecessary tears. If you're worried about making the best choices for your sustainable home, then you aren't alone, and we're here to help.


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Six Essentials of a Sustainable Home

Create a Home You'll Love That Will...

  • Reduces or Eliminates Heating and Cooling Expenses

  • Reduces Household Expenses 

  • Utilizes Simple and Affordable Systems

  • Is Healthy & Non-Toxic

  • Combines Ancient Wisdom & Modern Technology

  • Reduces the Impact on the Planet

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I'm Kristina Munroe,...

...and I remember when I first decided to design and build Twisted Oak, my self-sustaining home, I was terrified. I understand the fear, and the overwhelm of taking on what seems like a monumental task.
Even with years of experience as a structural engineer in the residential building industry, I wasn't sure I could design and build my own sustainable home.
But I took it step-by-step, and I now live in a home that I love. I've tested the features and sustainable systems since 2011 and I know what works and what doesn't.

Whether you plan on doing it all yourself or hiring a professional, We can help you create a sustainable home you'll love.

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Twisted Oak: A Journey to Create A Self-Sustaining Life and Home 

...is the story of my journey to design and build a self-sustaining home in the mountains of Colorado. Along with my two young sons, a talented carpenter, his wife, and a delightful cast of characters, we built a home that heats and cools itself, collects water, and recycles waste.

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Pipe-Dream to Plan

If you are planning on building a sustainable home within the next 1 to 5 years, this sustainable home workshop will guide you through the steps of creating a forever home you'll love.

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Personal Consulting

Online Hourly Consulting

If you plan on building a sustainable home, I can support you through the many decisions that come with each phase. 

* Design Support

* Review Your Plans

* Prepare Your Architectural Plans

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