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You can plan, design, and build a sustainable home you'll love, 

without the typical frustration, overwhelm, and costly mistakes.


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Eliminate Frustration

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Let Go of Overwhelm

Wondering Where to Start?

It's a monumental task to plan, layout, and build a home that meets your personal, financial, and eviromental goals. 

Sometimes the most difficult part is taking the first step....

But, what is that first step?

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Worried about...

  • the 100's of decisions required to design and build your home?
  • making costly mistakes?
  • which sustainable features to incorporate into your home?
  • hiring an architect or contractor  who doesn't understand passive solar heating and cooling, greywater, and solar power?
  • the cost of building a  sustainable home?
  • permitting your sustainable home?

Start Here...

...and avoid the mistakes that could cost your thousands of dollars.

Create a Clear Plan

Create a home that is beautiful and comfortable year-round and lessens your impact on the planet.

Learn What Will Make Your Home Sustainable

Include simple, easy-to-incorporate features that will heat and cool your home without pumps, fans, or switches, reduce the water you use, and the power you consume.

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Learn How to Permit Your Home

Confidently work with the building department and permitting agencies to get your home approved and built.

"Before I took this workshop, I was intimidated by the process of taking on the project and getting it through the powers that be. Now, I feel a lot more confident about getting my project through the building department."

~ Mike
Workshop Attendee

"I’m more confident that I can achieve the goals that I want without having to hand it over to someone and pay them to get something I don’t want."

~ Neija
Workshop Attendee

You Deserve Someone in Your Corner

Imagine living in your sustainable home...

Enjoying a simpler lifestyle, consuming fewer resources, reducing utility bills, and leaving smaller footprints on this precious planet inspire building sustainably.

But, most people don't understand the design process, and they have no idea where to start. 

When I decided to build our sustainable home, I was a single mom with two young boys.

I know what it is like to face the 100's of decisions alone.

Once I figured out the first steps, I realized that I was the most qualified person to design and build a home for my family. 

And you are too! 

Whether you plan on doing it all yourself or hiring a professional builder, we can guide you through planning your home and making sure it's built just the way you want it.

My Story

"This is a great resource - if I get stuck, I know where to go."

~ Ben
Workshop Attendee

"Already we have reduced the time we would have spent researching options and we anticipate future cost savings."

~ Laura & Victor

"With Kristina’s guidance, we are learning that we have the ability to create a home that is beautiful, good for the environment and could give us financial freedom."

~ Kira
Client, Course Owner, & Workshop Attendee

Workshops, Online Courses, and Personal Consulting

We have solutions to fit your lifestyle and budget

Live Workshops

PIpe-Dream to Plan

May 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 2020

This weekend workshop will guide you step-by-step through making your sustainable home a reality. We host it at our off-grid home in Durango, Colorado

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Online Course

Pipe-Dream to Plan

Coming Soon!

This online video course includes all the  same material as the live workshop, but you can take it at your own pace. Watch and review lessons as you move through designing and building your home.

Make sure you're on the waitlist so you'll be notified just as soon as this powerful digital course is released.

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Personal Consulting

Online Hourly Consulting

Work directly with me - the fasted way to resolve your concerns and get your sustainable home design moving in the right direction immediately.

Private consulting sessions are through online Zoom video conferencing.

* Design Support

* Plans Review

* Architectural Plans Preparation

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Get Started Now... It's Never Too Early

With our guidance, you are the most qualified person to design the home you'll love.

Schedule a 15 Min Discovery Call

Let's talk on the phone or chat over a video call so we can get clear on your vision for your sustainable home.

Choose How We Can Best Support You

Decide whether you prefer to work at your own pace with an online course, attend a live workshop, or if you need personal one-on-one consulting.

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Start Planning Your Home

Get started immediately planning your home and learning the best steps to move your sustainable home project forward.

Building Your Sustainable Home?

The Seven-Step Quick-Start Guide

  • Wondering where to start?
  • Create a clear plan today. 
  • Avoid the typical mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Eliminate frustrating delays during design and construction.

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Six Essentials of a Sustainable Home

Create a Home You'll Love 

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