We're Selling Our Van 🚐 !
We're Selling Our Van 🚐 !
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What are your goals?

  • A more self-reliant lifestyle?
  • A home that will remain safe and comfortable - even without power?
  • A reliable source of clean water?
  • An independent energy source?
  • Growing your own food?

If you said "yes" to any of these, you've come to the right place. 

We can help.

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How do you heat and cool a home without power?

Heating and cooling without a mechanical system is easier than you may imagine. 

This playlist will show you how. 

  • Incorporate Passive Solar Design by using the power of the sun and how it interacts with your home.
  • Build with materials that store and regulate heat.
  • Create a building envelope with non-toxic materials that will keep either the warmth or the coolness inside.
  • Utilize the ambient temperature of the Earth to keep your home from ever freezing or overheating.
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How do you secure a safe water source?

If you plan on collecting and storing water, your job will be much more manageable and affordable if you reduce your water usage and recycle the water you use.

This playlist will show you how.

  • Adding a composting toilet will drastically reduce the water you'll need to save.
  • Recycling water using a greywater garden will not only reduce water usage but will allow you to grow vegetables indoors and outdoors.
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Are You Worried About Rising Electricity Costs and the Reliability of the Power Grid?

We find it's best to approach this from both ends of the issue. 

  • Eliminating the need for power to keep our home safe and comfortable.
  • Reducing unnecessary appliances requiring power. 

This will reduce the size and the expense of the solar, wind, or hydro system you will need to build in order to create an independent energy source.

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Worried about food shortages and inflating food prices?

Although producing food was in our initial dream when we built our home, the many challenges from deer, moles, and the high-altitude climate deterred us for many years. 

With recent events, growing at least some of our fresh food has become a priority. 

We're new to this, but come along with us as we share what we're learning about organic, square-foot gardening both outdoors and in our indoor greywater garden.

(Check our YouTube channel for new videos as we take on and share our challenges with you.)

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We're Matt & Kristina


We're a couple who balances an off-grid lifestyle and traveling  in our camper van, Clarity. 

"One of my passions is inspiring and supporting people who are interested in off-grid or sustainable living."           ~ Kristina

"I had been attracted to a simpler, off-grid lifestyle for years. My whole being was driving me toward this lifestyle."      ~ Matt

Please leave us a comment on one of our videos or send us an email with your questions or comments at: 

[email protected]


Video Course

Building Your Sustainable Home 101

Arm Yourself with Knowledge and Create a More Self-Reliant Life

  • Learn simple and affordable sustainable features you may be able to incorporate into your existing home or learn what you want to include in a new home.
  • Learn how to reduce or eliminate your reliance on the electrical grid. 
  • Learn how to collect and store a safe water supply.
  • Learn how to recyle your household waste into a resource. 
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~ Laura & Victor

Already we have reduced the time we would have spent researching options and we anticipate future cost savings.

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~ Kira

With Kristina’s guidance, we are learning that we have the ability to create a home that is beautiful, good for the environment and could give us financial freedom.

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~ Neija

I’m more confident that I can achieve the goals that I want without having to hand it over to someone and pay them to get something I don’t want.

Wondering Where to Start? 

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