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Buy Pipe-Dream to Plan

Online Courses to guide you through designing and building a sustainable home you'll love.

Avoid the inevitable frustration, overwhelm, and costly mistakes.

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Are you Wondering Where to Start?

It's a monumental task to plan, layout, and build a home that meets your personal, financial, and environmental goals.

Sometimes the most difficult part is taking the first step...

But, what is that first step?

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Buy Pipe-Dream to Plan Online

Are You Worried About...

  • the 100's of decisions required to design and build your home?
  • making costly mistakes
  • which sustainable features to incorporate into your home?
  • hiring an architect or contractor who doesn't understand passive solar heating and cooling, greywater, and solar power?
  • the cost of building a sustainable home?
  • permitting your sustainable home?

You Deserve Someone in Your Corner

You don't have to feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed...

... Sustainable Home Resource is here to help.

I understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can feel to design and build a sustainable home - I've been there. 

I understand the potential pitfalls that can lie on your path(because I’ve fallen into them). I'll show you how to avoid them, how to save time, and how to avoid expensive mistakes. 

I'll share my experience from decades of design, engineering, building, and living in my self-sustaining home to guide you through creating a clear plan on paper for your home.

As a structural engineer working in the residential building industry, I became concerned about the toxic and damaging affects of conventional buildings on our health and the planet. 

So, in 2010, I moved back to my home town of Durango to build a self-sustaining home for my family.

Together with my two young sons, an open-minded builder, and a few helpers we built Twisted Oak - a home the heats and cools itself, generates its power, collects and heats its water, and manages waste in an environmentally responsible way.

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We have a plan that will save you thousands of dollars in design and construction costs, valuable time, and hours of frustration.

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Learn About Sustainable Features

  • Learn simple and affordable sustainable features.
  • Learn which features and building materials fit your goals, priorities, location, and budget.
  • Find out how to incorporate them into your home's design.
  • Save money on design services.
  • Gain the confidence to hire and work with professionals.


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Create a Clear Plan

  • Avoid the most costly mistakes by prioritizing your goals.
  • Worksheets and checklists for clarifying your priorities and goals. 
  • Create a step-by-step plan that fits your sustainable goals.


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Learn How to Permit Your Home

  • Learn how to confidently work with building departments and permitting agencies to get your home approved and built.
  • Learn about the permitting process.
  • Find out what you can build in your area.
  • Learn which permits you'll need for you project.
  • Know which agencies you need to work with to secure your permits.

Pipe-Dream to Plan Online

Beta Version


Pipe-Dream to Plan Beta Version

$495 or 8 Payments of $69

Pipe-Dream to Plan Online is Under Construction

And that means a huge savings for you.

I'm looking for students to go through the course as it's released and give me feedback. 

  • In return, I'm offering 75% off the full course price. 
  • Immediate access to every lesson as they are released.  
  • A direct line to me to let me know what resonated with your and to give input on course content. 
  • A lifetime membership in the Sustainable Home Community where you can post and learn from others in our private forum.
  • Attend live monthly coaching calls online, where you can ask me your questions face-to-face and get feedback from other sustainable home builders.

Choose Your Payment Plan

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our online courses are 100% guaranteed. If you don't feel the course has been valuable for you, we will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

~ Mike

I was intimidated by the process of taking on the project and getting it through the powers that be. Now, I feel a lot more confident about getting my project through the building department.

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~ Neija

I’m more confident that I can achieve the goals that I want without having to hand it over to someone and pay them to get something I don’t want.

Not Ready to Purchase the Full Version of Pipe-Dream to Plan

Test drive the first 11 lessons for only $49

These first lessons will guide you step-by-step through laying out the vital groundwork required to build a sustainable home without the typical frustration, overwhelm, and costly mistakes.

Try Module 1

For Only $49

Before You Buy the Full Version

  • Access to the first 11 lessons
  • 30-day free trial to the Sustainable Home Community
  • Attend a live monthly coaching call
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~ Laura & Victor

Already we have reduced the time we would have spent researching options and we anticipate future cost savings.

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~ Kira

With Kristina’s guidance, we are learning that we have the ability to create a home that is beautiful, good for the environment and could give us financial freedom.

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~ Ben

This is a great resource!  If I get stuck, I know now where to go.

Wanting to Build a Sustainable Home?

The Seven-Step Quick-Start Guide

  • Wondering where to start?
  • Create a clear plan today. 
  • Avoid the typical mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Eliminate frustrating delays during design and construction.

Download Our Free Guide

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