Join Us on Some of Our Favorite Adventures 

Desert Vanlife

Join us in the desert for our last van trip of 2022. We bring Ivy, our cat for the first time and experience sub-freezing temperatures. 

We had the most amazing experiences right in our nearby backyard.

Adventures in Foreign Lands 

Beatin' It To Baja Playlist

Finally! Our van was repaired and the preparations for our next adventure were complete.

We left the country and headed for Baja! We made our way south to Yuma, Arizona, and crossed the border.

Join us for our first time in another country in Clarity. 

Making it In Mexico

We loved traveling in Baja so much that we decided to take two months and explore mainland Mexico.

Join us as we cover diverse landscapes and warm generous people on our way from San Carlos to Puerto Escondido, then north through Oaxaca and San Luis Potosi.

Adventures in America

Operation Cherry Blossoms 

In the spring of 2022, we headed to Washington D.C. to visit Kristina's sister. 

Our mission was to arrive at just the right time to see the peak of the famous cherry blossoms in DC.

Come along for the ride and see what other adventures we find both coming and going.  

Headin' For The Hills

This was our summer 2021 adventure series where we headed for cooler temperatures and higher altitudes.

After our trip to Baja, we were ready for cool mountain hikes and high-altitude lakes.

Come along for the journey - we had no idea where we were headed or where we would end up - and that’s exactly how we wanted this three-month adventure to be.

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Adventures Close to Home

Local Adventures

Sometimes adventure awaits as close as our own backyard.

This is a compilation of some of the most breathtaking travels in our own backyard. 


First VanLife Adventures

The Van Life Shake-Out Tour Playlist

You did what? You bought an empty cargo van?

Yup! And the adventure began...

After nearly completing our van build, we took Clarity (our van) on her very first road trip to shake out the systems and get used to traveling with two dogs in a short wheel-base ProMaster Van.

Seeking the Winter Sun 

Join us on our first winter road trip as we explore the west coast and beyond looking for sunny winter days.

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