Designing Your Sustainable Home 101

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Course Content

  • Finding Property That Fits Your Goals

  • Getting to Know Your Site

  • Working with Your Land

  • Passive Solar Basics

  • Thermal Mass and Insulation

  • Laying Out a Home that Works With Nature

  • The Basics You Need to Know About Solar Power

  • What is Greywater and How You Can Use It

  • How to Catch Water on Your Roof

  • How to Turn Your Waste into a Resource

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Arm Yourself with the Knowledge that will Save You Time Money and Frustration

I see far too many people make costly and frustrating mistakes because they didn't get the information they needed before getting in over their heads.

Whether you're considering building a full-sized home, tiny house, or even an off-grid van, this course will give you the essential information to avoid costly and devastating mistakes.

Whether you plan to do all the work yourself or hire professionals, you will still need a working knowledge of the features you want to work effectively with design professionals. This way, you'll create the home you want and deserve.

I'm offering this online video course "dirt cheap" because I want anyone interested in sustainable or off-grid living to have access to the information they need - today. 
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~ Laura & Victor

Already we have reduced the time we would have spent researching options and we anticipate future cost savings.

~ Kira

With Kristina’s guidance, we are learning that we have the ability to create a home that is beautiful, good for the environment and could give us financial freedom.

~ Neija

I’m more confident that I can achieve the goals that I want without having to hand it over to someone and pay them to get something I don’t want.

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