Twisted Oak

A Journey to Create a Self-Sustaining Life and Home

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Whether you're dreaming of a more sustainable lifestyle, or intrigued by others who have chosen a less conventional path, you'll love this heartwarming story of a single mother's journey to create an off-grid life and home for her two young sons in the mountains of Colorado.


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What Other's are Saying About Twisted Oak...

Sandy Graves,

President of C-Head LLC

"This is a well written, heartfelt account of homesteading at its best.

Kristina combines true passion with real detail. Anybody who is the least bit interested in what off-the-grid permaculture homesteading can be owes it to themselves to read this book.

I’m glad that we could play a small part in her great adventure."

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne

Author of The Good Life Lab:  Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living


"Kristina makes sure that we know how interesting and luscious life can be on the other side of the 9-5.

Though your adventure may be in Durango, Taos, or across the globe, in an Earthship, a yurt, or something yet undiscovered, she reminds that we solve the same problems — which materials to use, what source of power and method to employ to grow food and manage water, and how to produce energy, and manage waste (to name a few).

These are the seedbed for creativity, satisfaction, and even happiness.

By sharing what brought her to her decision to live a hands-on life, we can recognize that it is more important to be willing and interested than skilled up in advance. What seems more important is a desire to grow and live in harmony with people, resources, and nature.

Kristina lets us in on her creative process which produced a beautiful home that oozes with details and shines with achievement and thoughtfulness.

Watch out, once you read this story, it may become impossible to settle for a standard lifestyle and cookie-cutter home."

Jules Masterjohn,

Editor of Stanton Englehart: A Life on Canvas

More than a DIY home-building story, Twisted Oak offers the reader an intimate account of crafting a home and a life from the inside out.

With nature and its forces and humans and their follies as collaborators, author Kristina Munroe ’s optimistic voice leads the reader through a journey grounded in simplicity, beauty and ecology.

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