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Supplemental Blog - An Off-Grid Winter's Day

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2018
The weather outside was frightful - so the kids went skiing and Matt and I decorated the house for the holidays.
What is it really like living off the grid in the winter -especially during a storm?
Yesterday was the first significant winter storm of the season. In an off-grid, passive solar home there's no thermostat to dial up the heat. So what do we do?
We woke up to a winter wonderland, so we made tea and coffee and opened up some of the insulated blinds so we could enjoy the view.
We started a fire in our small, but air-tight wood stove - not because we'd freeze to death, but because it would make us extra comfortable. (Our house doesn't get below about 57℉.)
Matt and I streamed holiday music on the surround-sound stereo system while we made breakfast and began unpacking the holiday decorations. (Later, we switched to an iPod and a rechargeable portable speaker - still a great sound.)
We decorated the tree with LED lights and carefully placed each treasured ornament on the tree.
The dogs got a long walk in the snow and the kids went skiing for the day.
We always keep an eye on the weather and knew that sunshine was expected for Monday. So after dinner, we watched a movie on our LED television and surround sound system and enjoyed the twinkling tree and garlands.
We put one more log on the fire before heading to bed. No need to get up in the night to stoke the fire - the house easily retains the heat.
This morning the house was 63℉ while the outside temperature had dropped to 4℉.
Once it warmed up, I swept off the remaining skiff of snow still clinging to the solar panels. This will give the solar panels a little headstart on generating power, but the snow would have slid off on its own. I like to check the panels and it's a nice excuse to enjoy the view from the roof on a beautiful bluebird day.
As I write this, the sun has been heating the house all morning and it's a comfy 68℉ - perfect for working on my computer.
Even though our life is comfortable, it is not my intention to convince everyone to move off-grid. But, we can all live comfortably using less power.
We have 6 solar panels and they provide all of our power. (1.2kWatt system). That is a fraction of what most homes require.
If you want to know more about how you can use less power and still have all the comforts of home, check out my free PDF Download: 7 Sustainable Secrets to Dramatical Cut Your Home's Utility Costs:
Tune in next time we have a BIG storm and I'll tell you how we conserve during a long period without sun. 🌞
Please scroll down and leave me a comment in the section below, or send me a personal email at [email protected]. Tell how you like to spend a blustery winter's day.

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